Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poha Problems

I bought a Poha berry plant at Ko'olau farmers yesterday, and to my dismay, upon re-potting i discovered a colony of ants lived below my new plant. :( Today I tried drowning them out, but am scared to go so far as to drastically over water my plant. I may just have to re-pot it again, but let the root bulb sit in a bucket of water for a while along with the dirt to get the little buggers.

Normally I am fine with ants, but when I re-potted one bit me, and I do NOT need biting ants as part of my garden. *Sigh*

What's Growing?

Right now in my garden I'm growing:
3 tomatoes (one unknown, one grape, and one UH variety large) big square pots
1 eggplant tree (from Frankie's Nursery, its a Japanese eggplant grafted to a close tree forming relative) behind tomatoes
Strawberries window boxes
Carrots 5 gal bucket and window box
Basil behind borage
Borage foremost pot
Lilikoi fence
3 Pineapples pots
Hawaiian peppers  small pots
Sugar Snap peas 5 gal. bucket
And as of yesterday... Poha Berries cage

Monday, May 23, 2011

Well This is Where it All begins, kind of...

Here it is. I have finally entered the garden blogging world. If you couldn't tell from my title, I have little experience, and in the past have not been blessed with a green thumb, but instead a thumb of death. It is quite sad because I do love gardening, and now I am going to change it! Our house's old garden was replaced with a water feature, because the ground there was treated with termite repellant. Not the makings for scrumdiddlyumptous food. So I have began my own container garden until my birthday when i get a raised garden!!!!!! (unless I find a better way of gardening) So with that I must begin to blog.