Saturday, July 9, 2011

Every Plant's Dream Snack

Last weekend on 4th of July, me and my family harvested worm castings from our worm bin (how patriotic, I know) After the fun but messy experience i have a hefty bucket of worm doo-doo  ready to dry a bit and be worked in as fertilizer. I have found that unmixed or quickly dried unstirred worm castings, end up as little rock like clumps that don't seem to help at all. This time I'm taking it slow and keeping my bucket in the sun, stirring it everyday to keep the top from getting all hard, while the bottom is a puddle. Soon I'll mix it into soil, but until then, it will sit in my backyard baking to every plants dream snack.


If i were to pick a favorite fruit/veg. of all time, it would have to be the cucumber. There is little better than a sliced cucumber and jalapeno hummus. Mmmmmmm.... The tendrils are strong and rapidly climbing my thrown together trellis. I planted two types, a pickling cucumber ans a slicing cucumber, furthermore two vines of one species are much faster growing than the other (if only i could remember which is which : /    ) Oh well, I guess we'll see when they are ripe. Today has been a floral day, not only have I seen my first sugar snap pea pod, but the first cucumber blossoms are budding up. The sight of them makes me absolutely giddy that i may actually produce cukes at my house! Also when I turned my eye to my eggplant tree, its ever-bearing blossoms have struck up again, soon to give me yummy Japanese eggplant. (see below) The Ola design global bucket is keeping my plants perfectly watered ( but if you try it i would recommend actually painting all the way to 1/2 inch under where the soil will touch to stall evaporation....) I'll just fix mine with duct tape, the magical substance that fixes everything! Well until next time (which is in like 4 minutes) happy gardening!

First Pea of the Season!!!!!

This morning as i was out watering all of my plants I came across an odd sight. Amongst my small sugar snap pea flowers was a itty-bitty pod. :D It's so new the petals still haven't fallen all the way off, so it has a little white boot.