Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lima Beans and other things

Hello Blogging world. Sorry to have been gone so long. I was busy traveling and passing the first bit of my 10th grade year in high school, so not much time to blog. Alas here I am! A while ago, I stuck 2 Lima beans into the ground and for what seemed like forever they were spindly little nothing vines. Well not anymore! My plant gets bigger everyday and sports lots of pods all along it like a string of Christmas lights. The first few I picked I decided to pick fresh and then dry, I don't like this method. For one I am a terrible judge at when a bean is "done". Pick when plump does not suffice when telling a teenager when to harvest. Therefore I have resorted to plan B; let them harvest all the way and pick when the pod has turned orangy brown.

Now instead of sad little shriveled Lima beans, I have full, purple beans! (and yes this epiphany was today so I have a total of 3 harvested...) Happily there are countless pods on the plant and more pop up everyday.

Among my Lima beans on the same trellis are those cucumbers from a while back. Quite frankly they are doing terribly, BUT since the Lima beans have shaded the vine, less cucumber mishaps have occurred and more are looking like this little green one below, and less like these shriveled abominations below.

Hopefully I will get at least one cucumber from my experience. Next time I will not start them in the heat of mid-summer. (Bad move on my part) My cukes also may have some sort of disease or bug because the few that grow large have shriveled and turned orange. It may have been my watering them too little with the combo of too much sun, but if you have any tips let me know.

Also in my garden are two itty-bitty clumps of pumpkin plants. I procrastinated so they were planted late and will only be ready for "Fall" not Halloween. At least they are green and flowering.

Also I haven't put anything new and exciting in my menagerie of pots because my birthday was last week and that means my raised gardens are being built this and next weekend!!!! Finally space to plant freely.

Thank you to the few that read my blog. I will do better to post much more often.
Happy Gardening!
Wish Me Luck. :)