Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Zuchini

Burpee Yellow Zuchini
Yay! The first of many. I cut it a little late, so it is a touch too big. Other than that its beautiful. I cut it off the plant this morning, and will slice/grate it into tonight's salad. MMMMMM!

Soon there will be enough blossoms to harvest along with the squash! I am so excited to play around with them in the kitchen. If I do anything fun I'll be sure to post the link to my other blog!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's Growing On?

 Recently I went to Koolau Farmers and bought some herbs as well as some mite spray.
Growing I have rosemerry, mint, and a potted lemon tree.
Also growing I have:
I am growing a pickling type and a burpless slicing type (Burpee). So far both have their attributes. The pickling is shooting off with blinding speed, but only one of the seeds I planted germinated (of 8). The slicing takes longer to sprout, but of the 8 seeds I planted, 3 plants popped up. No word on taste yet.

still little sproutlings

Mixed greens-
also sproutlings

Only 3 are groing right now as sproutlings because my cat decided to nap on top of them. (see other post on the cat)

Zuchinni Yellow (Burpee)-
taking off at breakneck speed. Already sporting beautiful blossoms (the males soon to be stuffed and baked mmmmm...)

Zuchini (Burpee)-
still growing to full size, haven'y\t put out blossoms yet

Green Beans-
all still trying to reach the trellis. I hope they'll take off soon, I guess patience is an important part of gardening

still sleeping in the dirt

Lima beans-
I cut the stalks off at the roots. Now I am just drying out the vine and attatched beans so I can bag it up, hit it with a tennis raquet, and collect the dried beans (I'll be sure to post on theat event!)

My Eggplant Tree from Frankies Nursury (grafted jap. eggplant to a tree relative)-
Growing 2 eggplants right now :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Kitty-Cat Troubles

My adorable cat Snowflake thinks she can help me in the garden. As wonderful as it is to find all of your beet seedlings uprooted, tilled, and refurbished as a napping spot, I decided Snowflake was not allowed in the garden. My solution (if it is really effective I will be sure to comment) is cheap and hopefully efficient. Also bamboo is a very sustainable material, and wont leach any weird chemicals into the soil. The answer: bamboo skewers. I put them up like a picket fence around my raised garden close togeather. My cat has been hopping up onto the edge of the garden to enter. My thought is that she wont want to jump through the barrier, and that it would be too high to be convenient for her to jump it. Instead she can sunbathe in the dirt behind the garden.

^ my "fence" and in the background, the culprit ^

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Raised Gardens and all their glory!!!!

Happy New Year!
I have been putting off this post until I could show a garden with life about it's soil. Me and my dad built this 4x6 garden with the help of Home Depot online.
After constructing the beast, setting it in place, and filling it with drainage rocks and soil, it was ready. I decided to go with square foot gardening. From all that I've read, it really is the most space efficient method (correct me if you think otherwise). To make things easier I went  out with some string and some nails, and set up an easy (removable) grid.

Visibly planted I have:

-Burpee yellow and green zucchini (front left)
-pickling and burp-less cucumbers (3 rows back)
-green beans (back row)

As invisible seeds I have:

-Danver half long carrots
-chop-suey mix greens
-salad mix greens

In Sprouting green house:
-cherry tomatoes
-mystery heirloom tomatoes
-yellow bell peppers
-mystery eggplant

I am super stoked!!!! It is finally happening, I am gardening in my garden!